Unlock content after stripe payment

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering, what is the most easy way to unlock content directly after a stripe payment?

What I did right now:

  • Create a ZAP for a Stripe charge that sends a “paid” value to my google sheets
  • Show or hide content in glide if the value in that particular column is “paid”

A few downsides to this method:

  • It’s not instant. Although it’s written to google sheets, glide still has to update the data.
  • I need to use a multistep in zapier to do this. And that requires a zapier account for $19.95.

Now I don’t mind paying zapier for this. But I just want to be certain their is not a clever way of doing this in glide.

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This it the way I recommend as well—though if you’re using the buy button within the app, you coul probably get away with a vlookup in your user profiles sheet that checks if a purchase was made within the App: Sales sheet and returns true. Still a spreadsheet formula, so still a bit of lag, but it avoids Zapier.

Hello @wtzr and @Robert_Petitto! I am creating an application with a more complicated payment method, but it works.

The operation is as follows…

There is a tab where the user must recharge “Cookie Coins”.
By choosing the amount of Cookie Coins you want to recharge using a form and submitting the form. I connect to Google Sheets with PayPal and tell Automate.io that when it is add a new column add a new payment in PayPal (PayPal is responsible for sending the Email).
I make a new bot, but this time I tell it that when a debt is paid, update the column corresponding to the user and insert a hook to the “Confirmation” row.

Playing with visibility …I will put a button that is only visible when the payment is confirmed. This button will have the function of increasing the amount of Cookie Coins that the product costs. When the customer presses the button, the number that costs will be added to a row (Unblocking). When you do this, this button will no longer be visible and another will be displayed. Which in my case will be “Download”.

With a Math column I am going to subtract the number that the “Unlock” button increased with the number of Cookie Coins the user has reloaded.



Nice alternative solution!

Thank you!


Clever solution. Like the creativity


I went with your solution for now. Vlookup works well for this challenge. I just checked the delay, but since i’m on a pro plan the delay is not that bad. After the payment was made, the app was already updated after a few seconds.

Thanks guys!

BTW, for anyone reading this topic. You can also go with integromat and create a stripe -> google sheets integration. This is still possible on the free plan with integromat. (been using zapier for years, but since a few months i’m a integromat fan. More intuitive, more possibilities and cheaper as well)

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Agreed! I use integromat whenever possible. They just don’t integrate with as many niche apps yet.

The same thing happens to me with Automate.io

I’ve done this without a vlookup.

1.- Create a new tab in your Gsheet and name it Sales.
2.- Use this formula on A1 (={‘App: Sales’!A:Z})
3.- Use a relation from the email column back to the user profile
4.- If the relation is not empty, show the paywalled component.


This also works—but it adds a lot of rows to your spreadsheet.

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Good to see so many examples. I’ve a richer database of solutions now :slight_smile:

Thanks Eltintero!

Hello Robert,

I like your approach

What’s the structure of the sheets you are suggesting here in order for VLOOKUP to work?

Thanks a lot!

Users have to enter their email address upon purchase. Do a Vlookup from the User profile tab to the App: Sales tab to check if the email match exists.

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