How to enable Stripe payments?

Hey all,
I can’t for the life of me figure out how to enable Stripe payments in Glide. Are there updated instructions for enabling stripe/checkout to sell products in the app? I found this article but it’s outdated and isn’t correct.

Also is this available on Pages or just Apps? I’m Canadian btw, but process payments in US. Not sure if there’s country specific rules for this or not.

Thank you!

Buy buttons are now only available for Paid plans. Are you on a paid plan?

Not yet, was hoping to upgrade when we were closer to launch. Will upgrade sooner to test it out.


For those who are searching and find this thread:

Pay/Buy functionality via Stripe is only available in Apps, but not Pages.

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Thanks for sharing, probably we need to specify that here @JackVaughan ? Unless it’s coming to Pages at some point.


Will pass on to @DJP

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Will update the tooltip copy to indicate that the Buy button is only available for Glide apps at the moment

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