Tip and delivery fee for coffee delivery app

Hi there – I’m close to launching my first app. I’d like to allow users to add a tip as well as charge a flat fee For delivery. Is this possible?

I’m using Bee Tossell’s restaurant template.

Hers the link: https://delivery.fuegocoffee.com

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Hi @Sean_Pritzkau

I took a look at your App and I have 2 questions if you let me:

  1. What if any customer wants to order 2 or 5 of the same coffe at the same time? I see you are using de Buy Button which saves a lot of work/time but you need to consider this scenario.
    In my test, the App forced me to select an only one product per order but any customer could whish 2-3 of the same product.
  2. You are using the choice component in some products (e.g. coffe beans) and let customers choose the origin, it is fine but you are going to have problems when your APP will be used by other users and they arrive to same place and use the same choice component. This component and other entry fileds are not multi-user in most cases

Did you test your APP in 2-3 different devices at the same time and see what info your choice components show? Be ready with what you will see!

But don’t worry, here there is people able to give you the workaround

Have a nice night.



Thanks so much for the response. I’m new to Glide and I was struggling to find some of the answers to these functions.

  1. I definitely would prefer for someone to be able to select quantity for each product. Is there a way to do this with the buy button or an alternative solution?

  2. This had me really puzzled. I’d like orders to populate a new sheet – but the options were only allowing me the same sheet. How do I make the choices multi-user?

I really appreciate your help!


To make choices multiuser, you’ll need to either place the choice in the form or create a homepage (where the choices reside) that includes unique rows per user.

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Hi again @Sean_Pritzkau and sorry for the surprise!! :slight_smile:

  1. Unfortunately in my country the Stripe service isn’t supported so the Buy Button is useless to me so far. Even, I can’t test it and give you a direct workaround.
    I read days ago that items quantity option in shopping cart isn’t available yet so it is a problem currently
    Maybe someone has a workaround/trick using the Buy Button but I don’t know so far.
    This App created a similar Shopping Cart system but has some complex and to me, this method has some disadvantages:
    and here the owner describes how it was developed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD2XVPE9FLU&feature=emb_logo
    I use instead another different system to Shopping Cart without using the Buy Button, take a look at it to understand better(it’s in Spanish but some words are common in English like Orders (Ordenes): https://pizzeria.glideapp.io/

  2. The way to make choices and other input fields as multi-user have some tricks and a litle more of knowlegment about Glide capabilities. Here we talk about the same problem you have Any thoughts on a Glide version of calculator? and this is my solution for these cases: https://multicalc.glideapp.io

I suppose I don’t have the final answers for your case (always a better/newer idea appears from someone) but in cases associate to multi-user problems, the way to go is what I wrote above.

Have great day, saludos!


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Great! I was able to add a form with the same button title to my ‘coffee beans’ item.

This is the one that has the most variables – to select grind size and origin.

I guess my biggest question now is this: How do I link this data to my spreadsheet, along with my shopping cart data, so that I know which info is aligned with the customer?

Still stuck on this part –

  • How to link data from a form to a Stripe charge. (For my ‘coffee beans’ product)

Wanted to update here for others: I’m planning on sending an automated email to customers directing them to tip from PayPal or Venmo after they receive their order.

I’ve chosen to include the delivery price in each product.

Link: https://delivery.fuegocoffee.com