Any thoughts on a Glide version of calculator?

Hi folks,

I tried to build a Glide version of calculator, with a particular formula I predefined. Basically, I would like to see each user can input numbers in cell a, b, c, d respectively. And then the built-in math function of Glide (see the predefined formula below) will automatically return two values like in the picture below.

I know how to use the math function to do the division and multiplication. I can obtain the two values.

But I have no idea how to make sure each user type in their own numbers and return their own values, as in the screenshot all numbers that I typed in will show in the devices of other users. Any expert know how to let each user deal their own numbers?

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated!


You’d have to make sure users sign into the app. Then, on the homepage, import the emails from the App: Logins sheet. I use:

On the home page, filter the page where email is signed in user.

Thanks for your reply! So there is no way to do that if users don’t sign in? I guess email sign-in would scare them away :sweat_smile: The purpose of my app is make the calculation easily accessible for everybody: use and go.

Right…I mean, if they made their own copy of the app for their own personal use, no problem.

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Not quite yet. Hopefully soon


That would be fantastic @Jeff_Hager Let’s hope so :grinning:

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As Robert wrote, you must use the user email to get it so far but in addition, you need to create and reserve a space to each user and his operations.
The trick is to create a form at 1st time and later, use other number entry fields to modify your fields’ value and carry out the operations internally.

Here is my multiuser calc demo to help you to understand what you have to do.

I hope it can help you and any other one

Saludos, te cuidas!


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Hola, Gustavo:

Thanks for your reply! I know it can be achieved through single user sign-in, but as I said before, this would probably scare users away. By a quick googling, you will find loads of online calculators, and they don’t ask for any login. The only originality, if you allow me to say, I hope to achieve is a portable version of online calculator, without any login of course :wink:

Hola @gangyao

I know what you mean, sure!

The problem begins with the Glide design, altought any APP can open several instances, there is no an isolation space to work/save the new data generated by each user in run-time.

You will never have problems with data/info set to “read” but those “writable” for input fields are visible for all users. Only a form’s input fields have this isolation space while they are activated.

A classic problem is given by Choice component for example, you can’t use it outside of a Form because, you will see how its value changes and everyone will see the same value, the same scenario of your calc.

My idea is the workaround so far to avoid it using Glide’s Apps unless I see another better (I’d hope so!)

Saludos de nuevo, un abrazo.


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Hola de nuevo,

I agree with you! So far it’s hard to achieve my goal in Glide, but let’s hope the upcoming features will solve the problem.


Hi - Interested in the reply that you are advising to allow each visitor to be able to see only their answers.
I am working on a fees calculator for my colleagues, so email sign in is not an issue.
My issue is that my sheet - row 1 has titles and row 2 has calculations that link to another sheet that has fairly complex calculations.
So If the idea is to add users from a login page how - how does that work, is there a tutorial and how do I replicate the calculations on row 2 for the lines for each user?
Any chance you could take a look as it is at the moment and suggest how I could make it work - ?
I have been chatting with Gustavo Valero, but did get a bit lost!
Very much appreciated.

Without seeing your sheet, it will be a bit difficult to recommend a solution. Hypothetically, could your sheet contain an email (user) per row and a replication of your row 2 calculations per user? If so, I could craft a solution for you in minutes.

Thank for your reply
Here is the link -

Hi Mike,

So, not as simple as just adding arrayformulas. Your spreadsheet would need to be reworked to be compatible with Glide. Very doable (would take just a couple hours probably).

Hi Robert,
Thanks for looking. Would you be interested in taking this on as a [pay for] project.
Altough I have lots of time at the moment, I have no idea what I would need to do to make it work!

Would be happy to! I’ll DM you the details.

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Saludos @Mike_Greene

Sorry if I didn’t follow your work and this post, there are so many posts daily that I get lost if I don’t receive a message or warning from Glide forum.

Try to tag me (or anyone) next time as I do with you in this message to create a warning in our profile.

Let me see your APP to understand your case although I saw Robert taking it and helping you.

Feliz día Mike!