unique data per user

Hi, I have made a kind of calculator, and I have the problem that the excel sheet is shared by all users. My intention is that each user of the calculator can make their own calculations without interfering with others. Can someone help me? thanks!

Take it https://multicalc.glideapp.io


In addition to @gvalero’s sample app, here’s some different methods to establish unique user records.

I see “ user specific columns“ term and feel I’m going to have another baby and feed him! :rofl:

Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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I’ve been so anxious for user specific columns. I hate having to suggest creating rows for each user, and the several hacky ways to do it. Especially when an app is Public. This would open up so many possibilities for custom filters, calculators, dynamic SKU building for the purchases, etc.

In my opinion there’s basically 3 major functions that would solve so many of the issues that are repeatedly posted on the forum.

  1. The lack of User Specific Columns, which I know is in the works.
  2. The inability to choose a friendly name in a choice component, but save the ID. This is so important…especially when the friendly name has the potential to change. ID’s should be stored in sheets instead of names to maintain data integrity.
  3. Allow per user functionality in a Public app. It’s basically already possible and there is a way around it, but for some reason is disabled by default. As long as the hamburger menu is visible, the ability to sign in at a later time is always possible, so why not…

Muchas gracias! el tema es que mi calculadora es un punto más compleja, y no entiendo como puedo hacer que funcione. Tengo que poner todas las variables en la fila del ID?
Estoy bastante perdido…
A ver si me puedes orientar un poco, saludos!

AsĂ­ es @Arras_Farma!

Cada variable debe tener una celda propia asociada el usuario (email) para que tus cálculos sean independientes sin ser visto por otras personas.
En mi demo APP puedes ver esto y esta imagen lo explica, mi calculadora sĂłlo usa 2 variables (Valor 1 y Valor 2) y el resultado se hace en tiempo real dentro del Data Editor de Glide y no lo registro.



Genial, mi calculadora es un tanto compleja, y tiene unas 15-18 variables repartidas en unos 10 hojas. Pondré todas las variables en la fila del ID y las llamaré desde las otras hojas. Ya te diré como funciona el invento… Mil gracias!!

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