User independent calculator

I want to add in a simple instant calculator in my app. I have the calculator working with some number input columns and math columns. The problem is with multiple users, it gets confused and changes for every user input as the row is ‘open’ to all users.
I want to avoid having a form to run the calculate with a new tire for every calculator. Ideally I would have a row for each user with runs the calculation, but can’t figure it how to automatically add one row per user to run this.

I’m sure there is a way you can help me with.


Each user already has its own row in users’ sheets… utilize that. You can also use User Specific Column.

Thanks @Uzo is there a way to duplicate the user table to avoid using the user table to multiple pages to keep it a bit cleaner and more organized?

If you are not using the User table, or a table with a row for each user, then you are best off using User Specific Columns with a single row table.


Yes! @Jeff_Hager thank you, so simple and effective!

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