User specific data > not linking with user's email per row

Hi I am trying to understand user-specific column. I want user-specific data entry and user specific maths calculation and user specific “if then else”. Unfortunately, I cannot tie any of these user specific columns to a row with the users email. I entered “user specific” in each column description (there are some old columns non user specific but there is no option to delete these… (nb if then else did not give a user specific option)…but in this screenshot the 2 users with emails are listed but they have no data in their rows? Only the top row is calculating and not user specific. thanks for advice

I think you’re misunderstanding the term, user specific means multiple users acting on the same value in the same “cell”.

When you preview as one user, only their data will show up. What you want to see probably is user profiles data.

ah ok, thanks for the heads up… I was expecting one row of calculations per user, but what I want is “view as” and everything is done in the top row…let me try that…