Can you use as a standalone app?

I want to give people access to the calculator I made and they input their own data but not have it sync back to mine. Is this possible?

If you use user specific columns, then the experience will be unique for each user.

thanks, let me look into that

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Okay I have got that to work so thanks for that. My only issue is that rows are made for each submission, just blank for other users. I only want their own data to be shown not the blank submissions from others. Also I would like a sample row of data to be shown for everyone.

This sounds very much like the same situation as below:

Yes but not sure what I’m doing wrong because if I change user I still see the other user’s data now that I have change everything per that article.

Looks like you haven’t applied Row Owners to your User column.

So sorry but where do I do that? It won’t allow me to add another screenshot. But in design view I have Columns>User Email Address and when i highlight that on the far right it is set to Column>@user

In the Data Editor:

Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 6.10.59 PM

Thanks I just found that doc also but I don’t have the option in my drop down list :frowning:

Can you show me a screen shot from the Data Editor please? (make sure the column headings are included)

It won’t allow me to add another screenshot as I’m a new user

I think I did do that screen shot when at the very top of the doc I uploaded before.

Users have to login to access app which I setup on settings page

Yeah, that’s where I picked up that you don’t have Row Owners.

I just had a closer look - difficult to tell because it becomes quite pixelated when I zoom in - but is that column User Specific?

That would explain why you can’t set it as a Row Owner.

If that’s the case, delete it and add it again - ensuring that you don’t check the user specific box - and then you’ll be able to make it a row owner.

ah ok let me try that now

YAY, I think it works now. Thanks for all your help :pray:

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Sorry just one last question the email isn’t populating with the user’s email address but rather which I guess is a test email in the system

Thanks Darren for that explanation below. As a new user I can’t make any more replies for another 15hrs…

Okay, that’s a bit silly. I’ll see if we can do something about that.

In the meantime, if you need more help you can edit your last post and tag me (@Darren_Murphy) - that will get my attention.

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