Blank entries showing up in other user's tabs

Ok, I haven’t figured a workaround. I am building a money management tracker. I have one tab labeled “Purchases”. On the Purchases tab, I have a form button that opens to a new form that gathers (date, cost and description of the new purchase) Once the user enters and submit the info, it goes back to the Purchase tab with an Inline list showing the transaction details that was just entered. (as a list). The problem is, if I switch to a different user, it shows those entries I made, but without the info I entered. Example…(I make 3 entries…it shows up as 3 blank entries under a different user.) I want only the signed in user to see the entry they made. The purchase tab was built in excel, so I can’t go into the Data and make changes on google spreadsheet. I’ve added so much just in playing around with this thing, that I’m sure there’s a better more concise way to have built this. (So sue me…lol :crazy_face:) Can someone help me…I’m so close to completing this and I think I my brain is on overload. I’m sure this is an easy fix. (BTW…I disabled the form’s “edit” option bc that pesky edit pencil keeps disappearing and reappearing when it wants…so I made my own form button)

(Newbie here)

it looks like you used user-specific columns, so it will only show what that specific user entered, for only this specific user

Yes… That’s exactly what I want it to do…but how do I get those blank entries off for the other users? Did I design this wrong? I want each user to be able to input their information in and only see their entries. So for instance…if I add another entry to my personal account…another blank entry will show up under the other user. I don’t want any entries showing up for other users unless they enter it in themselves.

is not showing anything… so everything is good, only if they enter, it will show…
i think I know what you mean… you don’t wanna show empty rows?

So I had the other user sign in and when he went to the Purchase tab, there were 3 blank entries…and he asked me what that was. So he’s going to have a full row of blank entries anytime anyone enters a new purchase. It’s showing up just like the 2nd screenshot. I’m not sure if you can see 3 blank profile pics with empty screens they can open. Can you see it on the screenshot?

Yes…I don’t want to show any blank rows. What am I doing wrong?

yes… you don’t want to show empty rows… all you have to do is click options for that list and use filter => DATE is not empty…
it is showing empty rows because you have there a rollup column that shows total… so the rows are not really empty

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ok…let me try that right quick please.

Ohhh I see what you mean. Because I’m adding that column for another tab…then that row is technically not empty. Ok…I put that filter on, it didn’t work, but I will play around with it. I noticed that filter will act a little janky at times…but filtering by Date should work. Thanks again. That’s why I come to the experts. I’ve been wracking my brain for hours. LOL

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Whoops!!! It worked. I was on the tab instead of the inline list when i tried to filter at first. I just filtered the list and it worked!!! Whoo Hooo!!! Thank you. :partying_face:

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This will work, but I would recommend replacing user specific columns with normal columns. Then make sure your rows include a column with the email of the user that created the row. Then you can simply apply row owners to that email column and you won’t have to worry about adding any extra filters. Users will only see their own rows.


Hi Jeff,

I initially tried it the way you suggested at first, but for some reason I wasn’t able to get the user email to transfer from the the Profile sheet. I went back in and added the columns you mentioned, redirected the form button to look at those cells and everything populates except the email addresses. I’m assuming that I needed to point the “User” column to Profile>User>Email…but I don’t see an option to do that.

The users email address should be added when the row is created. Refer to the below doc:

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Thanks Darren. I never knew what those components were used for. I tried it but I didn’t get all of those fancy options like the link showed. (There isn’t an option to “update by email” Although it did seem to grab the email address, it still isn’t pulling the value into the sheet. And now the data is no longer showing up on my inline list. Sigh :confused:

So just so I understand, after you submit the form a new row is added to your Purchases table with an empty value in the User column?

That doesn’t sound right, because it looks like you have the form setup correctly.

Let’s set the Inline List aside for the moment, and get the form working correctly first.

I don’t know what happened, but when I changed the component from “Special Values” to “Values from User Profile” it seems to be working now. Weird bc I tried "Values from User Profile"after trying “Special Values” and it didn’t work. Seems to me there wouldn’t be a difference between the two. But it’s working now. However, my inline sheet is still blank.

Okay, good.

Can you show me the configuration settings of your Inline List please?

I figured it out. I still had the filters set on it that Uzo initially suggested. Thank you so much Darren. Doing it this way will make things soooo much easier. Thanks again :tada: :partying_face: :grin:


Okay, just one last thing - are you still using a filter on the Inline List?

If you are, I would recommend removing it as per Jeff’s earlier suggestion, and apply Row Owners to your User column instead.

That’s a much simpler way to do it, and it has the added benefit of being more secure.


Sorry for getting back to you so late. Yes, I removed the filter from the Inline List and added Row Owner to my email column. Now it’s working pefectly. I just have to make some adjustments to my “Total Purchases” Rollup" column now, as it’s summing up everyone’s total together.