Why is a list displaying all users entries in one list and not only their personal entries


I wonder if anyone can offer any insights about why a list created from three different users input would show up for every user. I created a different tab that gathers data that is presented in a list for a each individual user, but they only see their entries.

For some reason, this list is presenting every user’s entry in a single list across all user’s accounts. I feel like it is something simple, but I cannot figure out how to only allow users to only see their personal entries.

Here are screenshots… the entries from three different users shows up for everyone in the same list. Does anyone have any insights?

You either need to apply row owners to the table, or apply a filter where the email is the signed in user. This is assuming you have an email column in the table for either case.

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I don’t see an email field in your PC Quiz Partner table. Is this your “user” table, or a supplementary table which is supposed to tied to each user?

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I added an email column to the table and IT WORKED! I had filtered the tiles list early on and recreated a table so that it did not include user specific columns (as I had been advised here) without adjusting the filter. THANK YOU!

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It is a supplementary table that I had recreated, but I neglected to include an email column and the original column was no longer there.

Thank you for asking, it helped me understand my error better.

Note that an email column and a user specific column are not necessarily the same thing. An email column can be user specific, but it doesn’t have to be.

Just pointing this out as your comment gives the impression that you’re not exactly clear on this.


I was going to ask for an explanation about when one would use the the UserID vs email, because sometimes they do seem to be used interchangeably and you explained it. Thank you. That makes sense.

Hi, I think you still might be confused, probably because of the naming scheme of your RowID field. Your RowID it seems is being used as some sort of User ID. I have done that in free apps because when you go pro, Glide can start collecting real email addresses, and so the Email address is unreliable for use like that (in case you go Pro, all the data you’d collected so far still has anon. emails). So in a use case like that, they would be synonymous, it’s just that you need to decide which one to use and stick with that in your filters and in setting up row owners (though you can probably use both as row owner simultaneously). You just need to be consistent in how the fields are used.

Now User Specific Columns are entirely unrelated. Those are columns that can be set up in a table where each user can have his own value for a column. People use it for things like “favorited”, or perhaps, “Date Visited”, etc. Those are NOT used to identify a user, they are used to hold specific data for each user.


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