Unique spreadsheet for each user

Hello guys, the main screen of my app is a list of people. But I want this list to be unique to each user. So if someone add a new person, it will appear only in his list.
I thought if every column in the table will be “user-specific” so it ll reach my goal.

But seems like it does not work like that.
Cuz now, when other user add new person to his list, this new person appears also in my list too. But in my list it looks like null object. Means: no name, image, rating or else.

So as I can see, even though every column is “user-specific”, it still works as one spreadsheet.
Could you help me to figured out how to make this list of people unique for each user?

What you want is to have a column with the signed in user’s email. This can be populated when the row is added. Then you have two options. You can either apply a filter to the list to only show items where ‘Email is Signed In User’ (less secure), or you can apply Row Owners to that email column (more secure).


Imagine the information of a component – such as a star rating or review of a restaurant – is different for each user (= user-specific). This is what user-specific columns are used for at the simplest level.

An extension of this is using user-specific columns for calculators or storing user-specific data temporarely.


  • The coffee shop in front of gate xyz at Milan airport: this is a row in the Restaurants table.

  • User-specific column called StarRating: you give it a 5, me a 4, someone else a 3, and so on. Here, in a user-specific column, each cell is personalized and holds different values (user-specific values). The data in the table and displayed onscreen is personalized (user-specific) at the cell level, not at the row level.

To display different rows for different users, you can “flag” the rows: row1 goes to userA, row2 to userB, row3 to userA again, row4 to userC, and so on.

As Jeff suggested, flag your rows with the email addresses of users. In Glide, the email address is the user identifier. Flagging will allow you to filter your list.

And then to apply the flag and set up your filter, as Jeff suggested, you have two options:

  • Filter at the layout level: use a filter in your list/collection in the layout interface, right panel, options (filter: “email is signed in user”).

  • Filter at the server/table level: apply row ownership to the column with the email addresses (the one you used to flag): only rows of data that “belong to” (=hold) the email address will be sent to the device of the user who signed in with that same email address. Really, it’s the same idea as above, it’s also a filter, and the filtering happens at the table/server level (rather than at the display level) so this method is recommended if you want to filter sensitive data.


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