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Hi all,

Back again.

Thanks for all the previous help.

I have set up a shopping list and have it working well in my app. My next issue is when multiple users are using the app how do i limit the shopping list to just ‘their’ app and not across every user.

I am on the pro plan so email sign in is required.

Also happy to upgrade if it makes this possible



Sounds like you only need row owners or user-specific columns to make it work. How is your current flow structured?

I have a sheet with all the recipe data on it.

A button on glide that adds the ingredients to a seperate sheet.

I then use a unique formula to unique values and quantity and present that as a check list in my app.

I would like each user to have their own shopping list unique to their login

Hey Joe, if you don’t need an overview of these requests within the app, you can use row owners like @ThinhDinh mentioned

I don’t need an overview I just need each person to see their own.

Will check out row owners thank you


I have had a look and i am struggling on the best way to set it up for my needs.

I ave made the new column user specific but cant figure out how to get my shopping list data in it from my add to list button

It would probably be better to use row owners instead of user specific columns. Then when a user creates a new row, you can include their email address in an email column and row owners will automatically filter only the rows that belong to a user.

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Thanks mate.

Will check that out.

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Hi guys,

Me again

I’ve had a look at row owners and i am drawing a blank on how i get it to work. I dont know the emails of people who will be using the app before they log in so cant assign ownership of a row yet.

Do i need to upgrade to private pro plan?

As always, your advice is appreciated

I think you’re not understanding how row owners works. Take a look at this video, it should help.

Thank you.

Will have a watch of it tonight