Inline list just working with some users

Hi Glide team !! Im having a little situation, I set up a configuration with an in line list, but now with some users it works but with others dont (they have the same configuration).

I dont know if you can see something diferent in the image but last week I tried it was working with both users.

Thanks for your comments !!

Im also having problems with signed in user when I want to make the users fill their own information, I have all the set ups as I used to have but when I logged in with a new e-mail the interface only allow me to modify the firt row every time as I show in the picture.

Please if you have a recommendation or possible solution that is not using the make row owner will be very gratful !!

Firstly can you tell us what is the settings for the relation that feeds the inline list?

For your second problem, you should filter the screen level by email is signed-in user.

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Hello !! :smiley:

Thanks a lot, the second its already solve, the other one, I set the filter in the e-mail on a show form and the other one is on a sheet where every time that the user click a button the set column action put on place the e-mail of the user.

All the screens and even the inline list is set up with signed-in user

Can you show a screenshot of the relation settings? I’m finding it hard to picture the database structure here.

Hello !! Yes !
Also yesterday with one of the users it suddenly worked but now isnt haha

I found another way to make it work but I really would like to know why I couldnt the way I am doing it.

Thanks a lot for your help !

For the user that doesn’t have a visible inline list, does he/she have a line with his/her “Correo”?

Yes they have, also the example is a completed profile user, and now for example the inline list is visible with tha user and i didn’t do anything, I dont know if is relate it to the date… but all are the same, I think I will let it pass I found another way to do it, thanks a lot for all your time !!

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