Inline list not displaying user data

My app’s URL:

Hi, I have this problem,
The inline list is not showing the user data but the other user´s data

Im I doing something wrong or there is a bug?. Please help me.

Appreciate your coments! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

So it’s showing data for the first user right? Have you make any filters for the tab level?

I mean, is not showing the user that is using the app but other´s users data

Is it the user data of the user in the first row of the sheet that contains the relation? Also, where is the email coming from at the top of your screen?

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  1. Sorry but I don´t understand your quiestion, Instead I ask you: how can a row contains a relation?
  2. That email is the current user´s email, the one that is logged in.

Jeff is asking if that spinoff2011 email is the first email in your dataset, and whether the data in the relation corresponds to that email.

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You just need to make sure the relationship process is 100% correct

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It’s very likely that the screen is connected to the first row of the sheet, so the related data shown in the inline list is going to be from the data in the relation of that first row (which is a different user). This happens if you have not set up any filters for that screen. You either need to add a filter to the screen, or or apply row owners, so the only matching rows would be that of the signed in user and not the first row in the sheet.