Inline List Shows Split Column All In First List Item

Hi, in the first screenshot below there are two lists:

TOP: List relation which successfully filters and lists the items (actions, in this case) of that user follows, however you have to click into the “6 items” detail screen in order to see those items.

BOTTOM: Inline List which successfully has the filtered items shown on the same screen, but they’re combined into the first list item.

GOAL: Have the list items show as separate line items without having to click into a separate screen. I’m not sure if there’s a way to make the relations list visible on the same page OR if there’s a way to separate out the inline list items.

When clicking into the relations list:

Might you be able to help? Thank you in advance.

Seems that you have some configured incorrectly here. There really shouldn’t be anything you have to do differently with an inline list. What’s the data source for the list relation and what’s the data source for the inline list? (Looks like you are using the Users table for the inline list). Also, why are you displaying the value from a joined list column in your inline list? I would select the Title column and description column so it matches how your list relation is set up.


Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. That was it! I was using a relation column as the data source for the list relation but not the inline list like I should’ve been.

A silly newbie mistake :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help; thanks so much.

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