How to display it in inline list

I have a category list as an inlinelist and product list.

Now I gets the value for shirts but if I select from the category inlinelist,its not getting the appropriate category list from product list.

What’s wrong with it.

  • Short answer: It’s not set up correctly.

  • Longer answer:
    If you want help diagnosing a problem, then you need to provide more information.
    All you’ve shown there is a screen shot with what looks like an Inline List and an Image Carousel.
    How are those components configured?
    Which tables/relations/columns do they use?
    Do the components have any filtering applied?
    Where is the category list that you mention?
    Where is the product list?
    Which is which?
    Do they relate to each other?
    If so, how?
    Are they in the same table, or different tables?

Please understand that when you ask for help, the people trying to help will in most cases have zero information about your app, how it is setup, or how it is supposed to work. And if you don’t tell us, then all we can do is make wild guesses. There are some clever folks here in the forum, but none of us are mind readers :wink:



Sorry for not sending the related screenshots.

what i need is,in the first screenshots there is a inline list which is in circle as shirts,pants,tshirts,jeans.These are categories present in the category table.
i dont have any visibility or filter there.Instead i related the category table with product table,which is in the category table,getting related products in the product table.

Now if i click shirts it should display shirts from the product table and vice versa for other categories.Is it possible to display in inline list based on the selection of category which is also an inline list.If so,how?

What action have you assigned to your first inline list?

First inline list,which is a category table and its action screenshot,

second list which is from category relation to product table,its action screenshot,

If I click,shirt it should display shirts in the screenshot below and vice versa for others

Hi there.
As I can see, your setup seems legit. Only, your ProductList is shown in horizontal orientation.
If you “swipe” from right to left on your first item(shirt) can you see other items? If so, you just need to change your inline list orientation to vertical.

Sorry that was not a desired result I’m looking for.

I’m trying to guess what you mean. When the user clicks on the first inline list (product category) it will display the product list in the second inline list below. Is it correct?

Exactly but related products only based on which category it clicked.

Hi again.
Based on your screenshots, the second inline list is displaying desired products but in horizontal orientation. If you intend to display it in a vertical manner (one under another), change your card items layout to vertical.
Sorry if I misunderstood you again.

This is what I’m referring to:

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Ofcourse its showing for shirts,but if I click pants it should show pants instead of shirts and also for other category.its not about horizontal or vertical orientation.I set it up horizontally.Its about displaying result in the second inline list based on first inline list category which is clicked.

Ok. Sorry. Didn’t get it right.

Actually, in your design, the first inline list when clicked already displays the product list, but in a new screen.
In my conclusion, you expect the first inline list as the choice component rather than the inline list.

Meanwhile, the second inline list is based on the product list sheet which has no relation to the choices from the first inline list. So the two inline lists only display lists from each sheet.

Yes.I have done by choice component in one of my app.But why this couldn’t done with 2 inline list?

Any other solution?

It’s possible to do what you want, but tricky. I don’t have time right now, but I can make an example for you later.

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Thanks a lot.can I remind you in the next week?

While waiting for a better solution from @Darren_Murphy, maybe this simple app might be suitable and you can use it.
Click once to select or display and click again to remove it

Hopefully useful for you.


In the GDE create a basic text column and make it user specific.

Create a custom action for your horizontal inline list and then set column values to that new User specific column.

i.e. If category is shirts set column values shirts, if category is pants set column values pants, etc

Next create four inline lists (Shirts, Pants, T-Shirts, Jeans) and set the visibility condition on those inline lists to show/ hide based on the value in the new user specific column.

Thats how I’d do it… there’s probably a better way that uses less components :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I do not use visibility but filter, by relating the relation of the product to the value of the user-specific column. And only requires one inline list based on the user’s choice is empty or not.

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Yes, this way is better. Thank you for sharing!

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