Is it possible to select product list in inline list from category inline list


I have 2 inline list,one is category inline list and another is product inline list.

If i click any categories in category inline list,it should display the product related to that category should list but in the same screen.

Can this is possible?

Is it normally we do relation and list or anything new to be done for displaying in the same screen.

Would this help?

Maybe you can do it like this:

  • Create a template column in the Categories table, adding the signed-in user’s email.

  • Create a relation based on that template, back to the Users table where you store the emails.

  • When users click the Categories list, you set a column through the relation above, let’s call it “Category Choice”. Say I click “Groceries”, then the “Category Choice” column in my user profiles row will have the value “Groceries”.

  • Have an If Then Else column in the Categories table. If category name is the same as signed-in user’s “Category Choice” then “Selected”, else empty. Display that on the Category list, possibly as a tag, to let users know visually that their choice has been recorded.

  • Create an inline list on the Products table, filter by “Category Name” is signed-in user’s “Category Choice”.

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use inline list by using :
“Independent screen configuration per item”

apply inside each item detail with an inline list filtered by screen.

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Need exactly like this,

Consider the rounded one is an inline list as category
And it is getting the products related to the category should display like the below one which is also an inline list.

My question is whether to display the products need one inline list or more inline list.

And also how to create this?

I am trying to do something similar but I am stuck on point three because list has no ‘Write To Option’ how do we set a column through the relation , When users click the Categories list?

You need to change the Item Click action on the collection to a Set Column action. Then when configuring that action, you can set the Row to the relation and you will see all of the related row’s columns where you can change values.


Thank you very much

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