How to create Category list that link to related items

I looked around for awhile before opening this topic. I’ve created a tab view called MORE. From thee I added an inline list of categories. When I click on a particular category I am taken to a blank sub-tab view.

The category table shows the proper relationship to the table that has a list of related items. What am I missing or doing wrong? I’ve also tried List Relation. I get the same result, except there is an additional layer due to the list relation.

Thanks in advance of any guidance and solution.

You either create an inline list inside the details view of each category that is filled by your relation, or in the categories view, the action would be link to screen > relation instead of view details.

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@ThinhDinh Thanks for the input. I have the 1st part of that down. I have a detailed view containing an inline list. The source is my category table. When I select one of the categories there is nothing on the next tab/page. That is where I’m stuck.

When I view my category table I have column category with two options. Next to that is the relation column. It contains a thumbnail of each item from the main content table that has the corresponding category. Now sure what I’m missing.


Ok, almost there! I tried your second suggestion. I know have a list of categories (two). I linked to screen of the main content. The only problem is when I select either category all the content shows as if the category label I gave each item is being ignored. Any ideas?

@ThinhDinh Got it! I was Tab>detail>Inline List> Action> Link to Screen. Thank you!

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