Trying to make a categories page like the conference template

I feel so stupid! This is the fifth time I’ve made an app with this exact functionality and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it isn’t working.

Everything looks fine when I compare to the Advanced Conference app and others I’ve made… I’m sure it’s something easy. Essentially, I’m trying to make

a page to sort items into categories, but it’s just opening a blank page when I tap. Screenshots attached. Thank you!

Are you using the relation column as the source of your Inline List? (I’m guessing no)

Hi, thank you! When I try that, it gets even more messed up. Just looking for a list of categories, which links to everything in that category. Attaching a screenshot here.

Your categories tab should be pointing to the categories sheet. When you click on a category, then the detail screen for that category should have an inline list that uses that relation.

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Sorry, my bad.
The relation column should be used on the details screen for each category.

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