Relation Categories Issue

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with relation datas. I have watched multiples times the videos from Glide, but can’t solve my issue.

My app is design around Content Categories (business, marketing, sales,…).
I’m using inline list, but when I filter one category, it applies to every categories.

See the issue live here: Bubbles - Teamwork. On your time.

Can someone help me figuring out how to solve that?

Many thanks

The issue is that you’re pointing the inline list to the entire sheet and not to the relation. Hard to tell your setup from the clip, but you might be able to file yet the list based on screen > category.

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Hello friend how are you, it seems to me, I hope I am not mistaken, that what you should do is check the option “independent configuration” so that you can edit the content of each element. Cheers

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I agree with @Robert_Petitto. You shouldn’t be setting a filter, because if you use a relation as the source of your list, it is already filtered with the correct data.

To explain your problem with the same changes being made on every category…those categories are all part of the same sheet and screen layouts are tied to sheets. Your filter setting is part of the layout for that detail screen, so it’s going to be the same for each category. Like @Pablo_Reyna mentioned, you can turn on independent screen configuration to independently configure each screen, but it becomes a problem if your category list keeps changing or if you want similar layouts for each category, but you then have to design each one separately, which can become tedious.

I think the proper solution here is a relation in your category sheet that links the category column to the category column in the sheet that contains the related items.


guys thank you so much for your help !
it worked well with your last recommandation @Jeff_Hager .
thanks a lot also for your input @Pablo_Reyna & @Robert_Petitto. I really appreciated your help :pray:t2:.

if you are keen on trying my app, you’re welcome.
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Very nice.

Nice! You have the link?


Bonjour, je vous félicite, j’ai pu m’inscrire et entrer dans votre application, j’ai vraiment aimé. Salutations depuis l’Argentine

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@Pablo_Reyna Merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

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I can create you a profile on the app if you’d like to. (I’m still using a free glide app, but may upgrade in a few weeks)

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Bonjour, comment allez-vous? Merci beaucoup pour votre offre. S’il te plait, ce n’est pas nécessaire, je ne veux pas que tu t’inquiètes pour moi. Tu es très gentil. Je vous laisse mes meilleures salutations

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