Filters on different tabs/inline lists not applied

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This app is meant to be a resource for parents to find fun livestreams and interactive learning videos for their young children during this time of social distancing.
There is a categories tab, a daily schedule tab and a videos avail 24/7 tab.

The Categories tab is meant to show all of the content available (livestreamed at a specific time and that which is available 24/7)
The 24/7 tab ( and the ‘available 24/7’ button link from the home page) is intended to show - by category - only the content that is available 24/7 ie video libraries, etc).
I’ve tried to set different filters on the different tabs using the same sheet + relation column for the inline list component.
Whenever I changed the filter on one tab/inline list, the other tab/inline list used the same source + filter.

So I made a copy of the sheet to create a source for just the 24/7 content, and added a new relation column since that didn’t copy over. Still, whenever I set the source/filter for what is supposed to be only ‘all content’, when I check the 24/7 tab and button link from the home tab - it pulls all the content. When i go to the 24/7 tab + ‘available anytime’ button on the homepage - and change the source to pull from the 24/7 relation column and create a filter, when I go back to the Categories tab (which should be showing both ‘scheduled’ and ‘avail anytime’ content - it has reverted to pulling from the 24/7 source/filter.

If I’m doing something wrong - please advise. Else, if this is a bug that has a tbd resolution is there a workaround you can suggest?

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all sorted!

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