Catagory Tab not showing related details

Hi I create a category tab with a tile view. There is a sheet of categories with a relationship to the individual items in another sheet having a corresponding category label. Bakery, Bars, Restaurants, etc.

When I click on an individual category it turns no results just a blank screen. In detail view I see the category title, associated image and the individual entries associated to the category.

How do I get this to work from a tile view so a user sees a list of categories and can tap into it for more detail?

I got it working previously in a different version of my project with help from this thread but can’t seem to duplicate the results.

Many thanks!

Add an Inline List to your details view, and use the relation as the source of that Inline List.


Darren thanks for the reply. What you suggest works perfectly in the detail view, it’s what I currently have set up. I’m not sure why the same results don’t flow through to the tiles view.

Those blank rectangles are all of the bakeries I have in my sheet.

It looks like you’re trying to target an array column for the Image. That won’t work with an Inline List. Instead, you’d need to pick one of the individual Photo columns.

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Darren enough pressing buttons and I fixed it! It was exactly what you said I was just doing in the wrong place. Thank you!