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Hello dear friends. I bring you a couple of videos so that you can explain to me what is the mistake that I am making in my development, that I cannot divide categories, subcategory 1, subcategory 2 and products. I have made all the corresponding relations (I related sheet Category/products), (I related sheet subcategory 1/products) and (I related sheet subcategory 2/products), in all I get the relationship, but when I go to front, I cannot find the way to relate inline lists from “parent to child”. If you can help me, I will appreciate it. I show an app that an expert Glide developed that was able to do it, but I don’t know the backend. Thanks again .
Sorry, I wanted to upload the gifs, but apparently they are very heavy, so I send it in image format in case that way is understood.

Lets take this step by step
In Sub category 2 have a column of sub category 1 and then in sub category one make a relation and use that relation as the source
In subcategory 1 have a column for category 1 and similarly create a relation and use that relation as a source.
Same for Products

If this does not work you may need to check the spellings as everything is case sensitive

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Hello @kaustubh97 Thank you very much for responding to my quote. You know that I did the relations that you indicated me, but I can not correct the fault. What I can’t achieve is that when I click on a particular category, it only shows me the subcategory of the category I clicked on. I have tried with all the relationships you told me but I can not achieve what I am looking for. I’m sorry, I’ll send you some screenshots of what I did so you can tell me if it’s ok or if something is missing. Thank you very much again for your support

Hey @Pablo_Reyna In the second image i see the action is show new screen. Instead of show new screen maybe try details screen or in show new screen have the data as ‘This item’.

Hope this helps

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Hello @kaustubh97 Good morning friend, how are you? Look, with the indications that you gave me, I was able to solve it, I had badly developed two columns, the data of the rows were not the correct ones (spelling problems) and I was pointing the inline list to another sheet. So, I think the problem has been solved. Thank you very much for the technical support brother. Best regards :+1: :muscle:

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