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Hi Guys, sorry to be a pain but really pulling my hair out with this. Im sure someone can work their magic.

I am trying to build a directory in my app. It should be really simple.

You press: pins -> choose a category -> choose someone in that category -> get their info.

for example:

Pins -> Education -> Teacher -> Miss Smith

Pins -> Fitness -> Personal Trainer -> Harry Gwin

For the life of me i cannot put this in a sheet. Can someone help?


You can check out @Jeff_Hager example app
and go through:

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Thanks for this have seen both and still very confused

Work backwards.

1. In Sheet 1, have all people with their category

Person Category
Harry Gwin Personal Trainer
Miss Smith Teacher

2. In Sheet 2, have all people categories with their type:

Category Type
Teacher Education
Principal Education
Personal Trainer Fitness
Coach Fitness

3. In Sheet 3, have all types:


4. In Glide, make multiple relations from each parent sheet to the child

  • Sheet 3 Type > Sheet 2 Type
  • Sheet 2 Category > Sheet 1 Category

5. In Glide, create a new tab that displays Sheet 3

(as a list, tiles, cards, etc.)

6. In the list details view, add an inline list to the relation you created

(repeat this step twice in your case as you have two relations across 3 sheets)

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Thanks for this Robert, still stuck though, I have made the sheets but think i have set up the relations wrong?

In Sheet 3, create a multiple relation that matches Type with Sheet 2 Type

In Sheet 2, create a multiple relation that matches Sheet 2 Category with Sheet 1 Category.

Be sure that the tab you’re displaying in the app is pointing to Sheet 3 (which only contains the 2 Types, Education and Fitness). Select “List” as the tab style. You should see those 2 types in a short list. Click on one of them. Add an inline list component (you can delete anything else). Under the source setting, be sure you choose the relation (gray icon) not the sheet (green icon).


You should now see the People Categories (Teacher, Personal Trainer, etc.)

Repeat the inline list creation to generate a list of people in the next screen.

All works! thanks so much!