Audio and videos don't always display players


I have 2 audio files and 2 video files for each row, each is a URL to an actual file mp3 or mp4, but on the details page, only one audio shows as an audio player, the rest show as a URL, which is useless.

Any advice?


Have you replaced the components with audio and video components?

I’m trying that now but I thought it was going to assume that it’s a video/audio based on the file extension.

It only makes a best guess to get you started. Most of your time is spent working in the editor to customize and design your app. A lot of times I’ll completely wipe the screen by deleting all of the components and rebuild it to my liking.

Yeah, I can see that now Jeff, thanks. How do I add a large amount of text? like a transcript of a video? Google sheets has a limit of 50000 chars. Any ideas?

You could try to break the text up into multiple columns in the sheet. Then use a template column within the glide data editor to join it back together. I don’t know how well glide handles columns with 50,000 characters or what it would do with a template column that contains more than 50,000 characters, but it’s something to try.

I assume you have multiple rows with multiple videos? If you only had one row and you were displaying only the details for that one row, then you could maybe get away with using a rich text component and manually filling it with the text instead of pulling it from the sheet. I assume the former though, so this second idea wouldn’t work.

Ok, I also have a PDF with the transcript, so maybe I will try to display that. Thanks for your help Jeff! I’m loving this technology :slight_smile:

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Hello Jeff, is there a way to duplicate tab so that I don’t have to do all the work all over again with each tab I add customizing it?

Unfortunately, no. Any top level screen like a tab screen or a screen from a link to screen button action, will allow for unique layouts and will have to be designed separately. Any sub level screen, such as the details screen from within a list item will have the layout tied to that sheet, so anywhere in the app that you view those list details, the layout will be the same throughout.

OK thanks! I’m trying to figure out how to create “sub” categories…is it possible? Let’s say a tab that takes me to a few options and there I select a category and then get all the items in this category. Any idea?

Here’s some info that should help.

Thank you!!!

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