Can't see all of the columns in Glide when creating an app

I can’t see all of the categories from google spreadsheet when I enter glide. I can see them in google sheets, I have reloaded the database, turned off the computer, cleared cache, everything I can think of. It was working fine up until today, is it something in glide itself started today, or what?

Did you scroll all the way down? New columns should show at the bottom of the list. You can reorder them in the glide data editor.

Didn’t think of that, that might be to simple. :slight_smile: I’ll look. At the moment I’m recreating the columns. :frowning:

It kind of annoying that new columns are added to the end in glide, but it’s that way because you are able to move and sort columns how you would like within the glide data editor.

I knew they were added there, and I had been moving them into the correct locations. I have no idea what happened but my googlesheet tabs moved all around, they weren’t even close, the data in it ended up corrupted, and I was getting seriously pissed :slight_smile:

Ok, I can’t believe how screwed up the columns look when I go to insert a new entry. How do I get to the glide editor?

Never mind, got it, thanks

78 Sheets tossed into the air and came down like pick up sticks :frowning: