Help Using Categories and Subcategories

I am struggling with displaying a list of FAQs using categories and subcategories. I am using the demo video my @Mark on categories. I have 2 sheets; FAQ-Main and FAQ-Tree. I am able to set up the 5 top categories by adding a reference (FAQ) in the Main sheet linking it to the Tree sheet. Top categories display correctly in details view. I have subcategories under each category except one (Miscellaneous). I am not able to create and link the questions with the subcategories.

What I want to see is my main FAQ page to show the 5 top categories and when you click on one of them, it should list its subcategories and then each question with its answer. If there are no subcategories, I want the questions to be listed.

The app is at
The link for the sheet:

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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So correct me if I’m wrong, say I click on Course Materials. Would it be true that you only want to see one Textbook option and one LMS option, then when you click on one of those, it would open up to a list of all questions and answers for that subcategory? I think we need to restructure your Tree sheet to build all questions and answers for a subcategory into one cell and then use markdown, but I first wanted to make sure that is how you are expecting it to work.

Yes, @Jeff_Hager, that is what I am looking for. The number of subcategories in each category and the number of questions in each of those subcategories will not be the same. I do not expect the subcategories to expand to more levels, though (like, Cat 1 > Subcat 1.1, Subcat 1.2; Cat >2 Subcat 2.1; Cat 3 > Subcat 3.1, Subcat 3.2, Subcat 3.3; Cat 4 > No Subcat etc)

Thank you for stepping up as always, @Jeff_Hager!

Here is how I would set up your sheet.


:clap: @Jeff_Hager! That worked! That is a clever fix. I am going to redo my sheets following your solution. Will keep you posted.

Thanks a ton for spending your valuable Sunday morning to solve my problem. You are a shining :star2:!

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@Jeff_Hager Very cool function combination! I don’t remember ever using that TEXTJOIN() function.

I tried to incorporate it into an ARRAYFORMULA(), to add some value to this post, but totally failed, lol.

@George_B yeah I’ve struck out using an arrayformula with something like this as well. I’m starting to think that any function that has potential to return multiple rows (i.e. Query, Filter) is not permitted by Google sheets to be used in an arrayformula. Even if you try to outsmart it and use a join or concat to get all results in one row, it still will not work. As a programmer this is frustrating when the logic makes sense in my head, but the function limits me. Oh well. I figured in this case, the categories won’t change much, so it’s easy to place the formula on each line.

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It’s been a little while coming, but we just finished the documentation on subcategories and using it with the new relation columns in the data editor. We’ll try and do a video soon as well. Hopefully this helps future readers.

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