Complex Multilevel tree app design

I’d like to have an app structure which allows individual elements to belong to multiple trees at different levels vs. only a single tree without duplicating data and allowing tree levels additions to be included on the fly.

I made an attempt along the lines of the Category-Subcategory tutorial at … with the intent of having two or more inline lists available (in this case, one for Anatomy and one for physiology) based on two Parent and two Children lists.

However, it appears I can only draw from one child list at a time vs being able to use Children1 for the Anatomy tab and Children2 for the Physiology tab.

I know I can setup multiple multiple relations vs category/subcategory … but the ability to maintain a complextree structure in certain situations is advantageous.

Any ideas appreciated … Thanks very much!

Just an FYI, that I reclassified this post to unclassified. The Showcase category would be the place for this if it was the solution to your issue, not to ask for help for the solution. Also please don’t duplicate posts. You can refer to a post from another one, so just create one and if you feel it needs to be in two categories just create a short post pointing to the other main post. Thanks.

Thanks! Will do this in the future.

Hey @moses5407 - does this help?

Hi, Jack … thanks for your reply!

The link you provided is what I based my sample app on … but with the hoped for difference of allowing any detail item to have more than one “parent” without having to repeat it in the item column.

However, it seems I can’t base one tab on one child relation list and a second tab on a different child relation list.

Without being able to gauge what exactly you are trying to do, would it help to structure your sheets using an array of columns? So you would have columns like this (‘Parent 1’, ‘Parent 2’, ‘Parent 3’ or ‘Child 1’, ‘Child 2’, ‘Child 3’). This would create a combined array column of ‘Parent’ or ‘Child’ which would allow for multiple relations in the same row.

I tried that following the pattern in the cat/subcat tutorial but I think the method used there, which makes the child connection within the Google sheet versus within glideapp data view, breaks the child array formation in glideapp.

I’m going to try it with stay columns your describe and then try setting the relations in the glideapp data view.

I’m not sure this will allow any detail element to show up under multiple branches of a tree structure though, which is the goal.

@JackVaughan, a suggestion and a question/suggestion:

Suggestion: the link here doesn’t seem to work. This is what I think should be here:

Question/Suggestion: I am a newbee. Your tutorials are great, but they go by very quickly and frequently I find that even after I have watched them multiple times, I am very close to understanding, but I just can make the last detail work. What would help a lot is the complete example I could copy and examine to see, experiment with, and adapt for my glideapp myself. I find this form of learning by example a very useful addition to explanations about how things work.

I realize that suggestion requires a lot of work on your part since there are so many videos in the “Learn Glide” sections. So, I’ll be selfish and ask if you could provide me with the example which is developed in the Subcategories article. Thanks!

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