Nav, Relations & sub menus... PLEASE HELP

Hi there,

I would love help on how to structure and a quick gif or explainer on how I create a inline menu with multiple sub menu discovery. Need visual cues on both how to represent in the sheet and how to link and do it multiple times in the data editor using relations. There is something I am missing.

THANK YOU in advance.

I have tried to create a basic flow in the picture.

I don’t have the time to create a visual, but here’s the explanation.

Work backwards.

  1. In one sheet, create a master list of all the Tutorial Names. Create a column in that sheet that assigns them to one of the providers.
  2. In a second sheet create a list of providers making sure they are named the same as the first sheet. In this sheet specify if the provider is of “type” Tutorial or a Course. In Glide, create a multiple relation by Provider Name
  3. In a third sheet, create 2 rows with the “types” Tutorial and Course. This sheet will be the “home page” in the app. In Glide, create a multiple relation by “type”.
  4. In Glide, create an inline list of this third sheet. If the relations were done correctly, they should link like you displayed in your flowchart.
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Thank you so much. I will give it a shot.