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I like the menu Function! I would like be able to add submenu’s for extra structure. Also when you are in a screen from the menu, it would be awesome if the menu is always visible instead of it disappearing when an item (a screen) is clicked, becoming a back-button.


I created my own solution. In the Data Relations, I noticed it is possible to link to another field in the same sheet (table).

This has made it possible for me to create an unlimited sub-menu structure by linking Menu ID and Parent Menu ID in the same sheet (table).

Here is an example.

If you want to display the options clicked so far you could add an addition display column in the spreadsheet.

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I am trying to do the exact same thing but I cant seem to sort our the structure of my sheets.

For example:

I want to have:

Learn> 1. Tutorials + 2. Courses
Then if 1. Tutorials is selected it goes to > List of Tutorial Creators
Then when Tutorial creators name is selected it goes to their playlist of Vidoes & Info.

I would love to achieve exactly what you have but I don’t know how to set up my data etc.

Thanks in advance.

for reference:

Hi Kenneth,

I am interested in your solution but am having difficulty with implementing it and completely wrapping my head around what you did. Would be able to offer at least a screenshot of your data view that shows the Menu ID and Parent Menu ID that you say you are linking? I would greatly appreciate it and any other elaboration you could provide to help me implement something similar to what you did.

Thank you so much!

Here is some info that should hopefully explain the process that @dkjorgi is probably using.

Thanks so much!

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