Multiple Relationships

Hello No Coders, I need help with creating multiple relationships. I’m going crazy. My brain is burning and I think it’s easier than I think, but I can’t get it right.
The problem lies in assembling the data sheet with the relationships of categories and sub categories.

I have 4 categories on one sheet:


And I have on another sheet, 2 sub-categories and a product column that depend (children) on each sub-category:

The question is:
How do I build relationships?
Are they well distributed over two sheets or do I need to add more sheets?

I did the flow from left to right, and I need to develop it as follows:

Click on [Category], and [Sub-Category 1] opens showing its content, then when clicking [Sub-Category 1], [Sub-Category 2] opens and shows its content, and by Finally, click on [Sub-Category 2] and show me the final product belonging to that tree.
I would be very grateful if you could guide me to do it myself and learn. Thank you

Best regards

Personally, I like to do something like this with 3 sheets. One sheet to list the Category, one to list the Subcategory1, and one to list the Subcategory2. You could technically do it with one sheet, but you start to run into some problems because each level is sharing the same details layout. Separating into separate sheets makes it easier to have different layouts for each level, but that’s up to you. I just think it’s more work and more confusing to put multiple levels of data in the same sheet.


Your second screenshot would still be your final sheet if you split up each level of categories. What I do is create template columns that combine each category level together so you can use them for relations.

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Hi Jeff! It seemed to me that this could be the correct answer, since I had thought about doing it but could not find a way to build relationships. Now is the task of “how to build the relationships” between the different sheets. Thank you very much for your prompt reply! Best regards

I did something similar in the Concepts app a long time ago. You can take a look at that to get a better understanding. Just look for the Multi-Level Select example.


Here would be my complication! I would have to figure that out since I don’t know how to do it. I will try and if I can’t make it, I will ask for help again. Thanks again

You can copy the app to see how it’s set up.

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Excellent Jeff! there I check it :ok_hand:

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I thought about something similar.


Yep, that’s the advantage of separate sheets. Each level can have a different design to the list, along with any additional content you may want to display on the screen.