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I’m sure this has been touched on before but I can’t seem to find the solution. I have an catalog/store app i’m working on and have categories and sub-categories for each product. I have the category style setup fine (// images attached) but I would like when you click on the category the sub categories could be sorted and scrolled horizontally (for the moment I get everything in one big section that would make no sense in scrolling horizontally //images attached) and even be able to go to another level of search inside certain sub categories (just like the top level category section).

I will attach images of what i am talking about,

Thanks for your help.

Copy of current spreadsheet

Link to glideapp:

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I have seen this but how would I go about this in my current situation, do I make multiple sub category columns for each category row or make two columns with all the categories and sub categories listed side by side?

I cant seem to get this right thanks for any help…

You make multiple rows for that, for example:

Category Sub-category
Case, Fuentes de Poder, Cables Case
Case, Fuentes de Poder, Cables Cable
Case, Fuentes de Poder, Cables Fuente
Case, Fuentes de Poder, Cables Hub

I have done this in a new sheet like the example here, but I make a relation to my product sheet and it does not make seperate sections that I can make independant.

I think I am confusing the relations or maybe not putting this in the right sheet

What is your current relation settings?

I have seperate sheet subcategory to subcategory products sheets relation

and vice versa on product page

Neither one is letting me sort items through sub categories

Seems like you’re setting the right relations. What do you mean:

Is it not showing the right way on your screen? Are you using a details view or a link to screen view?

I got it with the other method, using this method

Using this relation.

And filtering with the subcategory rows

That’s not really scalable. You can choose “Link to screen” and set the relation to be your value from your original way, if I understand it right.

Can you elaborate a bit on this I dont know what is Link to screen and what the cababilities would be for this?

Let’s say I have categorie, sub-categories and items like you.

In the first screen for categories I set it up like this.

In the second screen for sub-categories I set it up like this.

The sub-categories and items will automatically follow their “parent” category & sub-category via the relation.

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