Duplicating a Data Editor Sheet

  1. Is it possible to duplicate a Google Sheet but is it possible to duplicate a Data Editor version of the sheet— would save me time by just changing the names of things.

2)My case use is this: I have a store but I want the first page to be buttons representing categories of items. On the sheet showing the students inventory of the items they have purchased there is no way show the images of multiple columns(the categories) since you can only select on image column from the transactions sheet. Thus I had to make a transaction sheet for each category and represent them as separate inline list on the Inventory tab. Is there a better way to accomplish my goal?


At this time it doesn’t look like you can duplicate a glide sheet, but in staging I see options to duplicate and delete them, so it looks like it’s coming.

Can you explain a little more your situation or show some screenshots? I’m not sure I quite follow. I’m wondering if you could accomplish the same thing with some proper relations.

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Excatly, only in staging for now



I have a store. There are, at present, 3 categories: Ammo, Actions Cards and Rations. Each category has many items so I wanted to avoid having an item list of 50+ items to scroll through. But having taken this approach, each category has to become its own separate store according to my limited knowledge of Glide: If I send all the purchase form data to just one Transaction sheet, I do not know a way to get all the different categories images into one column since I have each categories images on separate sheets. Maybe I am missing I a super easy solution.

I think you can group them all into one sheet and use the group by option, then let users scroll horizontally. Maybe show just 5 items and let them access each category in the “See all” screen. Would that work?