Duplicate Tables in Editor (Based on Google Sheets)

I have a table based on a google sheet data source. What is the best way to duplicate this table into a Glide Table. The Table has thousands of rows & even worse (hundreds of columns)… so manually duplication isn’t easy.

any suggestions?

I think @David_Gabler mentioned in a comment that if you remove an Excel-based table, it will automatically convert into a Glide Table. I haven’t done that myself, but maybe that’s your best shot.

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Yes that is the case for Excel, but they are still working on that functionality for Google sheets. There’s a lot of people waiting for that functionality. Of course if you don’t have any computed columns then you can just copy your sheet right into Excel and link your Excel and if you duplicate the app it will duplicate it but with glide tables if you say copy instead of use the same sheet.


I have around tens if not hundreds of computed columns…