Duplicate Glide table


I want to duplicate these 3 tables into my glideapp because they are very complicated. I want to use them for other inventory. Can anyone please guide me as I have incorporated a lot of formulas in these sheets and it will take me a lot of time to write these formulas again.


I assume you’re talking about computed columns inside those Tables, those won’t be copied over to a new table, only normal columns will be (when you duplicate it to a new app/use it in another app).


Oh wow? So if you anticipate needing to use a lot of formulas in your tables, this would be a good argument to start with GS vs Glide Tables?

Yes that’s what I am talking about. That’s very unfortunate :frowning: Hope theres some other solution to it which can save my time :frowning:

GS and Glide tables both have their own pros and cons. GS is user friendly and its tables can be easily copied whereas Glide Tables have more options that are useful for the application. I am new to Glide but I am liking Glide tables. Still learning to use them.

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that depends on your use case. I could do my app ‘more simply’ in GS… but the 10-20 second delay (and this is with test users) would mean the app would be unusable. So sometimes you do need to duplicate work, and yes it is very annoying because you cannot copy design elements between apps (and not really within the app - though copying tabs is already very helpful).

Directionally, I am happy to sacrifice some inconveniences as I see that Glide is moving at speed in pretty much a good direction… and any other platform has their own weaknesses (and sometimes show-stoppers).


Thanks for the explanation @Mark_Turrell and also for some of your other helpful threads containing tips and tricks. I’ve bookmark’d several of them. Totally agree with your thoughts so just trying to internalize the quirks around using Glide Tables.

@Hassan_Nadeem Same here. I was initially drawn to Glide due to GS implementation but Glide tables have been growing on me as well. Not sure if you saw my other thread though but for some reason my source file says it’s a google sheet despite me choosing Glide tables as my base.

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