Duplicate Glide Table and Templates

Just discovered that duplicating Glide tables does not duplicate Templates and other computed columns.

I use LOTS of templates and was expecting to simply duplicate tables after I created the Templates the first time.

Is their a secret way/feature to duplicate a Glide table that includes computed columns? Is it a feature on its way?

Since a main draw of Glide tables in the variety of computed columns, not duplicating them seems strange. Is their a reason why computed columns are NOT duplicated within Glide tables?


There’s no secret way to do it, it’s not a feature for now, and I don’t see any mentions about that being in the works, so I’m leaning to a no for the second one.

I don’t have a good idea why it is not a feature, but computed columns have never been able to be copied from the days Glide started rolling out shared Glide Tables between apps.

It certainly is misnomer and not a duplicate. It is barely a copy.

I idiotically saw the “duplicate table” function and figured it worked just as it is stated so I created about 90 templates which I could them duplicate and use in 4 other tables.

Then I couldn’t. I figured out an alternative that works so yea.