Add "Duplicate" for Glide Tables

Please add the ability to clone schema of Glide tables, it would save a lot of time and will save from mistakes if redo in manual.

yeah, that would be incredibly useful :+1:

would this include the computed columns as well as the basic ones?
basic columns are nice… but the bulk of a substantial app is a bunch of computed columns.

I would assume so, yes. Otherwise it’s hardly worth it.
Of course the thing with computed columns is that a large chunk of them will be referencing other tables, so if we have the ability to duplicate a whole table, then we’d need those references to remain intact. Which again, I would assume would be the case.

Yes, without computed columns - it’s hardly worth it.

I don’t think duplicating Computed columns within cloned Glide table is a big problem(though, of course, it’s a job to be done). Right now we have the “Duplicate column” option for Computed, it should be repeated necessary amount of times, preserving internal mapping for newly generated column identifiers.

Can you copy a glide table without the data?

How do you get a clean blank app?

Well, I can delete last row and make existing glide table without any data. It will be the same.

I need to experiment - I have a user app and an agent app I need to duplicate with a different data set. These are part GS, part Glide Tables. And I don’t want the data to be shared.