Copying and Pasting Existing Column into different Table


I currently have multiple columns in a Google Sheet that I’d like to copy and paste into a Glide Table. Is this possible or do I need to recreate each Column into the Glide Table?

Another question would be, if I just have a Glide calculation column in both a Google Sheet or Glide Table, can I copy and paste it into a different Sheet/Table or do I need to recreate it?

If it’s not possible, maybe a Feature Request?

Copy paste from Google Sheet to Glide is possible…but you need to make sure there enough rows in the glide table to handle the paste…it won’t automatically add rows to the glide table if the data set is larger than the table.

Computed columns from one Glide table to another isn’t possible. I bet you could paste the raw value, but you can’t duplicate a computed column outside of the current table.


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