๐Ÿ†• Glide Data Editor Updates! Copy/Paste + Insert Right!

Fantastic Improvements!

  • Copy/Paste Multiple Rows/Columns
  • Clear Multiple Rows/Columns
  • Insert Right
  • Duplicate > To the right (instead of at the end)
  • Duplicate > [Column] Copy (instead of Copy of [Column])

Well done @Jason and team!


What the improvements sayingโ€ฆput google sheets off the shelves?

@Robert_Petitto please remember the disclaimer by Jason. Donโ€™t insert lots of data in one go. It might cause problems.

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I mentioned that in the video.

Copy/Paste multiple rows from Sheets โ€” amazing! Well done Glide!

Not sure if this was always possible, but you can copy/paste out of Glide Tables and into a Sheet. It pastes all data, even computed columns, as static (text) values.

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Thanks Bob for the post and obviously the Glide Team for these wonderful updates, they are great. :pray:

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Huge! :fire:


Huge updates! Thanks for sharing Bob.

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This is HUGE!

Thanks so much Glide Teamโ€ฆ massive benefit for those of us updating databases.

Thank you Bob for the excellent video as always. That undo feature would be the cherry on the cake.

I read the caution about inserting lots of data in one go. I wonder why it would be unreliableโ€ฆ perhaps due to synch interruptions caused by slow connections? Would be great to hear more about any restrictions so that we understand the guard-rails.

Hmmmโ€ฆ just tried it by copying a section of data from my Glide table and pasting it into Excel. It maxes out at 23 rows (I selected 24 columns). Not great since I would like to manipulate hundreds of rows!

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If youโ€™re only doing it once, a few dozen copy-pastes is not too bad and a massive improvement over what we had just 24hrs ago :slight_smile:

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Not for my usage case - need to do it regularly. There is no way Iโ€™m doing that.

Have you considered exporting data via webhook to Integromat? (or Zapier)

Thanks for adding โ€˜insert rightโ€™!

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Hi guys,
Not sure if this is the right topic for this question :slight_smile:
How do you copy/paste (of cut/paste) column type (and parameters) from one Glide table to another?
Iโ€™m referring to the column header, not the values inside the row columns.
Or, how do you duplicate a Glide table?

Iโ€™ve asked for this tooโ€ฆIโ€™d love a copy/paste between apps. It doesnโ€™t exist yet.

Upvote here:

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Youโ€™ve taken it a (very positive) step forward :slight_smile:
I was referring to copy/paste within the same app, between glide tables. Not possible?

Forgot to say that the lack of copy/paste functionality is puzzling due to the fact that copy/paste is fully active for screen components, even if we paste into screens pointing to a different table.

Copy/paste components/columns within the same app is possible.

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I canโ€™t json this API snippet? can you help me?


It works but it appears youโ€™re also leaking sensitive information