🆕 Glide Data Editor Updates! Copy/Paste + Insert Right!

Fantastic Improvements!

  • Copy/Paste Multiple Rows/Columns
  • Clear Multiple Rows/Columns
  • Insert Right
  • Duplicate > To the right (instead of at the end)
  • Duplicate > [Column] Copy (instead of Copy of [Column])

Well done @Jason and team!


What the improvements saying…put google sheets off the shelves?

@Robert_Petitto please remember the disclaimer by Jason. Don’t insert lots of data in one go. It might cause problems.

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I mentioned that in the video.

Copy/Paste multiple rows from Sheets — amazing! Well done Glide!

Not sure if this was always possible, but you can copy/paste out of Glide Tables and into a Sheet. It pastes all data, even computed columns, as static (text) values.

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Thanks Bob for the post and obviously the Glide Team for these wonderful updates, they are great. :pray:

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Huge! :fire:


Huge updates! Thanks for sharing Bob.

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This is HUGE!

Thanks so much Glide Team… massive benefit for those of us updating databases.

Thank you Bob for the excellent video as always. That undo feature would be the cherry on the cake.

I read the caution about inserting lots of data in one go. I wonder why it would be unreliable… perhaps due to synch interruptions caused by slow connections? Would be great to hear more about any restrictions so that we understand the guard-rails.

Hmmm… just tried it by copying a section of data from my Glide table and pasting it into Excel. It maxes out at 23 rows (I selected 24 columns). Not great since I would like to manipulate hundreds of rows!

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If you’re only doing it once, a few dozen copy-pastes is not too bad and a massive improvement over what we had just 24hrs ago :slight_smile:

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Not for my usage case - need to do it regularly. There is no way I’m doing that.

Have you considered exporting data via webhook to Integromat? (or Zapier)

Thanks for adding ‘insert right’!

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Hi guys,
Not sure if this is the right topic for this question :slight_smile:
How do you copy/paste (of cut/paste) column type (and parameters) from one Glide table to another?
I’m referring to the column header, not the values inside the row columns.
Or, how do you duplicate a Glide table?

I’ve asked for this too…I’d love a copy/paste between apps. It doesn’t exist yet.

Upvote here:

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You’ve taken it a (very positive) step forward :slight_smile:
I was referring to copy/paste within the same app, between glide tables. Not possible?

Forgot to say that the lack of copy/paste functionality is puzzling due to the fact that copy/paste is fully active for screen components, even if we paste into screens pointing to a different table.

Copy/paste components/columns within the same app is possible.

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I can’t json this API snippet? can you help me?


It works but it appears you’re also leaking sensitive information