Unable to past values into column in Glide table

Hi All, I can select fields and copy and paste into notepad, so I know the copy function is working, however when I paste (ctrl + v) with a field selected within a new table nothing happens. I can paste into the field itself, just not across all of the rows.

Do you have enough rows in your table for the “clipboard” to be pasted into?

What data source do you use ? Glide tables, Google sheets, Airtable ?
If Google sheets or Airtable, it’s easier to copy paste data over several rows in the source sheet / table than in the Glide Data Editor

Yes, although my understanding is it should paste whatever can fit anyway, however nothing at all is pasting. I’m using Chrome (Windows) too FYI.

Glide Tables, due to the seemingly limited capability in general of the Glide Tables in terms of editing the data I’m assuming Id be better off using Google Sheets and then importing to Glide Tables instead anyhow.

Can you reproduce that in a video?