OMG! thank you for adding copy paste to glide tables

If this has been there for a while and I missed it, I don’t care. But, I tried to paste an Excel column in a gliding table, and it worked!!


The entire column?! When did this happen? @Jason !

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Sometime in the past couple weeks I snuck this in.


@Jim_McIntosh That is really nice! And you can actually paste a table of data - not just one column!!

But you need to have the rows created so that data will fit


@Jason any chance that you can auto-add the necessary rows when you paste rows/table of data if the number of rows in the inserted data is bigger than the size of the glide table

That’s on my TODO list, there are definitely performance issues once you are pasting a lot of data. I would not paste more than 100 cells at a time right now unless you are very very careful not to close the tab for 10-20 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: Firestore is not super fast at writing a shit ton of transactions it seems.


BTW please note this is a gigantic orbital ion cannon aimed directly at your foot. There is no undo.


@jason That is very good to know before I go crazy and insert lots and lots of data :upside_down_face:

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:slight_smile: I noticed no undo and I’m glad you are thinking of it. I’m more of a glass is half full and they are getting me more water kind of guy.

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Is there a way to copy from a Gsheet table (shown on a Glide app) into a Glide table created in the same app? And, to make things more complicated, can we do it between Glide apps?