Copy and Paste components between projects

In my projects I use same glide table.
I need to show the same components also but is not possible to copy and paste components from one project to another.

My use case : The content explain how to onboard on my App and how to install PWA. This is generic content. It will work in all my app.

Other option create a page template link to a glide table and call it when I create a new tab.

Have you tried it?

Yes, I have the message “Copied components” but It doesn’t work

Hi, weird because it works for me between totally different apps without common tabs.
nb: if I remember well, it did not work with the right click to paste, but did work with Ctrl + V


This should already work.

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Sorry for my english, here you can see my test copy/paste multiple components from 1 project to another.

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Hi. As @AyS_0908 mentioned above. you must try using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + V) or (Cmd + V) I think for Mac

This is after copying all the components…just to make sure…

To copy - use the right click and to paste - use keyboard shortcut…

I also tried with the keyboard. But It doesn’t work :frowning:

It seems that you have 2 apps opened; are they with the same glide account?
Try to:

  1. Copy (right clic)
  2. Close the current app
  3. Open the target app
  4. Paste (ctrl v or cmd v)
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I just copied components from unrelated Apps with the table not exactly in sync or the same and it worked…

I just need to fix the components and align ten with the table…

The feature that work, I just don’t know where you might be going wrong…

:partying_face: You right ! It works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your help !!


De rien, et bon courage pour l’app de training !

Has this stopped working? I don’t seem able to copy/paste from one app to another


Kindly, is that method applicable to Glide Pages?.