Copy Custom form along with Table

Hi, I can add a table to my current project from all my available tables across my team (neat feature, but I wish it showed explicitly with App(s) the table is associated with, rather than just the name and “date”).

But I have tried to create a new tab and copy all components from another app’s tab to the new app’s tab, and not all the components copy.

Is there an easy way to bring across a table/form from one app to a new app? I don’t want to duplicate the entire app, because I’ve created a template that works, and I only want to add that one template and table into my existing app without manually creating everything. The whole point of a template is to write once, use many…

If there is no easy way, is there a hard way that will actually work in getting all components and rules across?

nope, what I do is, I have an app with all my templates… and just duplicate and delete the ones that I don’t need for the project

Just starting out here. I’m still learning. I really only have one template. I have two very complex apps and want to use that one template in both apps.

Have not gotten to the stage of having a template app for any one thing. These two apps are fully customized based on user requests.

Seems like it would be a very useful feature. Indeed, I have one app that is more developed than the other, and they share one similar form (with a similar table). I’d like to take the more complete one and move it to the other app.

i hope, in the future, we can copy-paste to another app… that was requested long time ago

Seems like this feature is in the works, so someday hopefully we’ll be able to see the associated apps as well.

I haven’t really had to do this myself, so I don’t have a good answer for you. I’m guessing there is something regarding the underlying unique IDs that identify tables and columns beyond the actual name of the tables and columns, and they get disconnected from the copied components, so maybe that’s why not all components copy across successfully. But, that’s just a guess. I don’t know how glide handles all of that stuff behind the scenes.


OK, so now that I know to hover over the number, it does show me which APPS are using the table. So if there is no number, does that mean no APPS are using the table?


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I believe so, yes.
My understanding is that Glide Tables are never deleted, and there is currently no way to delete them (we’ve asked for it). With those tables where you see duplicate names that have no numbers next to them, my best guess is that they are associated with old copies of apps that have since been deleted.

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