Whoa, importing Glide Tables to a GSheet based app now

Glide just refreshed and now I have the option to import Tables from a list to my app. I’ll take a screenshot or a video when I figure it out haha.


This is very nice to be able to import an already existing Glide Table. Be careful to not name all your Glide Tables the same in all apps.

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@Jason @Mark @david

In the new data sources, when selecting an existing Glide Table, how about naming the tables more explicitly with the app name associated to the table?


On my list there are Tables used in more than one app, so that is also tricky.

You could set one table up called GLOBAL, and use the same resources on all your apps. This is great to be able to easily add continuity to a series of related, but separate apps.

So it wouldn’t matter which app name is chosen, it’s the same table. I’m talking about the case where you have n different “Choices” tables or “Users” tables.

In Staging you can hover over the number column and it shows which apps and how many apps use the table. Maybe that part is still being worked on and hasn’t rolled out to the production version of glide yet.