Sharing the same Glide data among different Glide Apps and Glide Pages

I’m a new Glider here so my question is maybe dumb.
I’ve just created a Pages website connected to an Airtable.
I also would like to create other Pages websites (for different users) connecting to the same Airtable database.
Would that be possible with Glide tables ?

I mean, is it possible to share the same Glide tables among different Apps and Pages ?

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It is perfectly possible to share the same Glide tables among different Apps or Pages. No trick or workaround required, this feature is totally native to Glide.


Thanks for your answers, I tried and it worked perfectly.

As a new user, Id like to give a feedback.
In one Glide app, I can link any Glide table for any other app I own.

But once linked, there’s no indication that this table is linked from this app, and that table is created inside that app.

This can be confusing as I may create tables with the same exact name in different apps.


did you mean 2 apps share one live Glide Table ? how does it work ?

Glide Tables can be shared between apps.

Only the data in a table’s Basic Columns can be shared and updated interactively across projects. Computed Columns are not affected. When you link an existing Glide Table to a project, Computed Columns will not appear in the Data Editor of your project.

Thanks. But One Last Question remain, will it be consumed our update since it Sync Table ?

because i migrated from using gsheet to glide table is because i dont want to waste too much updates

Glide Tables won’t consume syncs, but add/edit/delete will still count.


Okay Thanks