Link between two apps

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Is there any possibility to link or sync between two apps that I made?
For example,

My first app is “Rental Tracking”. In Rental tracking there must be a list of machine and a few features that i made like “To service” and others.

My second app is “Pre-Delivery Inspection”.

I need if my user edit or add anything in first app it must be showing in second apps.

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If you want two different apps to share the same data, then the easiest way is to use the same Google Spreadsheet for both.

If they aren’t using the same Google Spreadsheet, then you can move data between the two spreadsheets, so that one app has a read only copy of data from the other app. The easiest way to do this is with the IMPORTRANGE() function.


Easy! I do this for some of my apps. The simplest way is to point both apps at the same G Sheet. That way the connection is instantaneous. The other way is to IMPORTRANGE between Gsheets (or similar). And I think you can link Glide Tables together too.

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That’s not i mean, hm i mean the interface itself. the screen and all the components. :frowning:

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Right. Okay, that’s not possible. You’d need to rebuild the components in the 2nd app.

Or… you could make a copy of the first app, then modify that copy.


But what if doing relation but between two apps?

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No, that doesn’t really make sense.

Two separate apps can share the same data, but they cannot share the same computed columns. So you can’t share things like relations, lookups, rollups, etc. All of these types of columns are dynamically created on each users device, so they are specific to both the app and the user.

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How can I link glide tables together

Within an app, you can link tables together by using a relation. If you are referring to multiple apps using the same glide table, then you can add existing tables to any app and the data is shared between them.

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How can I add the existing glide table to another app…pls could you give me a tutorial on how to do that

  • Go to the Data Editor and click the + to add a new table
  • Choose the option below “Sync Data”

  • This will give you a list of tables available to be linked within your team:

  • Pick one, and you’re done.
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Thanks….if I make any change in one app glide table wil it affect both apps

To basic (non-computed) columns, yes. They will be kept in sync between the two apps, including the data.

But computed columns are not shared, so each app will have its own set of computed columns, which aren’t linked in any way.

To understand more about this, have a read below…

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