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I have a Glide table residing in one app that I am trying to pull into another app. I am able to link the table to the other app but it only shows the basic columns and not the computed columns. Is there a hack around this?

I went with glide tables thinking I’ll be able to link them to different apps and did not realize this huge drawback until I started the linking process. Do I have to go back to the drawing board and start with a Google Sheet so I can have it accessible in more than one apps?


You would have the same problem with Google Sheets. This is not specific to Glide Tables.

The only way to retain computed columns is to duplicate an existing app through the dashboard, or create a new app from data through the dashboard. In either case, computed columns are inherently linked to only one app. They will duplicate that one time, but any new or changed computed columns need to be added or changed in each individual app. They are not synced between multiple apps. On the other hand, basic columns that actually store data are synced between apps.


Understood. Thankyou!

@Jeff_Hager So I moved everything into a google sheet and rebuilt the app so it is linked to sheets. However there are still certain columns that are glide specific columns which I would like to push back into google sheets. I take it that is not possible since there is no way to sync glide columns/glide tables with sheets. But just wanted to double check before I rebuild all the calculation columns into sheets, in case i am missing a nuance.
Thanks for your help!

It’s only possible if part of your action flow is to write the value from those computed columns into a basic columns.

If you do this, it will introduce a delay in waiting for those calculations to sync from a google sheet back to Glide. User experience could take a hit.

Personally I wouldn’t switch from Glide Tables to Google Sheets if you don’t need to. I don’t see any benefit for your particular reasoning. That time would be better spent just recreating the computed columns. If you are starting a new app from scratch, duplicating an existing app is the easiest way to retain those computed columns, but yes, adding an existing table to an existing app is a little more work.

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That’s what I was missing! I spaced on the fact that I can write the final value into the sheet by adding a basic column. You saved me a lot of time and the embarrassment of doing some serious donkey work! Thanks much!

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