Glide Sync Tables

Hello friends, I have developed a test application. Tables are native to Glide.
This app is public.
Then I developed another application with the intention of using the tables of the first application and being able to modify them according to the user who registers.
The problem that arises for me is that from the Glide tables section I select MY Team to be able to synchronize a table from the first application to the second. Glide imports the structure but does not sync the data between the two apps.
How do I have to do to synchronize both tables?
Thank you very much for all the help you can give me.
Cordially Nestor.

The data doesn’t need to sync – in fact, it is the same table. Are you sure they are connected to the same table?

Only basic (data) columns are shared. Computed columns are isolated to each app for now.

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Hello David, thanks for your collaboration.
Yes, it is the same table.
I just created in app 1 a test table (2 text fields) and sync it with app 2. The result is the same. In application 2 only the structure appears but not the data.

When you say the data, you referring to the ROWS ?

This should definitely work, I have up to 3 apps looking at the same table/data source, and it works fine, I am looking at doing 4 apps on one. Mixture of public and private.

I have come across some gotchas -

  1. If you make a change to the table in one app e.g delete a column or rename it, you need to go to the other apps and syn the sheet manually, otherwise the other apps stop working due to “not synched”

  2. If you add in a basic column in one app it will add it in others as a text column, so if in app one you add it in as an email, number or date, in the other apps it will appear as text, you need to manually change it

Overall it works fine.

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