Be able to replace Glide Tables

When I need to switch out a Google Sheet data source in App Settings, as long as the sheet and column names are the same, it’s plug and play.

It would be great to be able to swap out individual Glide Tables in the Table list (Data tab) the same way.

Have you found out a way to swap a Glide Table?
I have the same problem: 2 apps share the same Google Spreadsheet and Glide Tables. I have to create new versions of the apps for 2024. Swapping the spreadsheet is easy, but I haven’t found a way to swap the Glide Tables.
I can create a new set of Glide Tables but then each app now has it’s own set of Glide Tables and don’t sync anymore…

You can create a new glide table in one app, and then add that same table to another app. The only thing is that you would have to recreate any computed columns, reconnect any screens, actions, and components, and probably rebuild some screens. Not plug and play, but to specifically address your point above, you can still use the same glide table in multiple apps.

Or… fetch new gs…

Yes, I got that, but it is a real hassle to rebuild columns and reconnect screens, actions and components.
It would be awesome to just switch tables like I can do with a google spreadsheet.


I switched a bunch of my tables to Glide Tables, as I find them to sync faster and be more responsive…

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