Glide app and page to same glide table

Hi Gliders,

I have built a glide page (website) and now I wish replicate the website in an app as well, which runs on the same database. In the website version I have a mix of Google sheets and glide data tables. For the google sheets this is easy, but for the glide table I’m running into an issue. I’ve linked the glide table from the website in the app, and that worked fine but the data table is completely empty. Shouldn’t I be able to see the data that was already there? I essentially want the two to fully SHARE the data so they can each edit and add, and each look exactly the same.

is this not possible?

When you are in the DATA section of your app, at the bottom you will see your Google sheets and the name of your team;

Select your team and you will see all the Glide tables used by your team and some info about them. Link to the one you need. You can see this can be hard if you have several projects or copies of projects that use tables named the same.

This is why I always start with an app if I know I will need one. Right now you can create Pages from an App’s data, but not the other way around. I hope that changes soon.

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